Welcome to Bwana Tembo!

Bwana Tembo is a charming family-run Safari camp owned by an Italian family which first set foot in Uganda back in 1986. Located next to Murchison Falls, one of Uganda’s greatest natural reserves, our camp is a mere 10km from the park’s northern gate. Since its opening in February 2012 the camp has been offering a friendly and laid back ambiance for travellers wishing who want to find the perfect getaway from the stress of everyday life.
Whether you are looking for a relaxing experience or something more adventurous, upon your arrival sit yourself to a cup of Italian espresso and organize your tour with Davide and Francesco, owners and managers of the camp, profoundly knowledgeable of the park and its surroundings.

The camp combines mid-range prices with finest quality services. Being run by Italians, the cooking is... well... Italian! The fresh home-made Italian cuisine is prepared to the highest standards and is mouth-wateringly good. The chefs are all trained by mamma Nicoletta who is sometimes present to supervise meal preparations and give the final touches to the great three course menu served. From time to time she will also do some cooking herself and the dishes will have that something special that only she can give.

The camp, sprawled at just a kilometer from the white Nile, is comprised of both cottages and safari tents to suit the needs of a diverse clientele. All accommodation types are self contained with flushing toilets, hand basins and showers with hot and cold running water. Lights are set up inside and outside of the accommodations and each cottage or tent has its own veranda.

Bwana Tembo is entirely Eco-friendly, with solar power systems ensuring that all accommodations have light throughout the day and night.

"Bwana Tembo" derives its name from the Swahili "Sir Elephant" or "Master Elephant".
This name was chosen during construction when various groups of elephants visited the site, thus the camp is named after it's wandering four legged gentle giants.

Up to now we still get visits from these magnificent animals which mainly come during the night hours and leave early in the morning. So do not be frightened if you get woken by sounds of branches breaking and odd grumbling noises.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you in Bwana Tembo!

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